Business Landscaping


Seriously -- would Your tenants want to move in to a place that looks so neglected? 

Great Expectations is a landscaping and lawn maintenance company serving the Lincoln Lancaster County Area.  We serve all types of businesses including homeowner associations, property management companies and large commercial properties.  We handle most every type of landscaping project imaginable along with our lawn care and maintenance programs. 

All landscaping companies are NOT the same.  When you decide on us, you are choosing a reliable landscaping partner that serves the Lincoln Landcaster areas.  Our company has a reputation of excellence in landscape design projects, lawn care, retaining wall construction and repair, flagstone patios, retention pond maintenance, outdoor landscape lighting, drainage, new fences and dozens of other landscaping projects. 


Mowing is what is done more often than any other business grounds service.  Properly mowed green spaces have fewer weeds, better moisture stress tolerances and an overall healthier look than those not properly mowed.

We use the best mowers and sharpest blades to cut grass.  We sharpen our blades on a regular schedule to make sure that grass blades have an even, clean cut so they will not damage the turf. We also mow at the proper height for your type of grass and have the experience and knowledge to care for your property. 


We have deep expertise in landscape design and we can offer reliable guidance on how to make the dreams you have for your business a reality.

We understand the Lincoln area and our experience in putting together landscape designs will ensure that your landscaping project takes into consideration any potential drainage issues and other hazards that others may miss.  We will clearly explain our solution to your landscaping and do everything in our power to make sure that you are pleased with the results.

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