Property Clean up


How Often Have You Hear Yourself Saying To Your Wife Or Boss: 'No, I Haven't Cleaned It Up Yet: I've Been Meaning To!' 

 Green Expectations provides property clean up for residential and commercial customers throughout the Lincoln and Lancaster County area.  Our clean up services our typically are needed in the Fall or Spring, but can also be helpful if a property is being sold or just purchased. Our Property Clean Up Programs include clearing and picking up, loading and dumping of your unwanted lawn and property waste.  With your guidance, our experts separate out yard waste and haul it away as part of the Service.

We regularly provides property clean up, lawn work and landscaping services to local real estate companies, schools, property management companies, and government agencies, as well as non-profit organizations for all their property clean up needs.  The paper, metal and recyclable items go to the recycle/reuse center and all the yard waste goes to an approved transfer station for sorting and recycling


Before the advent of the chain saw and boom truck, trees were trimmed and taken down with hand saws, axes and hatchets.  Since then, more sophisticated tools have been developed that make tree care safer and more efficient, but none that have had such a profound effect as the chainsaw and boom truck. 

To keep your property looking its best, it is important to care for your trees as well as the lawn!  Trees are an extremely  valuable resource and when properly maintained they improve your property and the environment.  From providing shade on a hot summer day, to consuming greenhouse gases, to increasing property values, your trees are at their best when properly serviced and maintained.

That being said, tree removal is not always avoidable.  Trees that are NOT properly maintained can be nothing short of TERRIFYING!  Unhealthy trees become property eyesores and when this occurs not only does your property value go down, but the tree can become a liability and hazard to everything nearby!  That is why it is so important that healthy trees are properly cared for and maintained and dangerous unhealthy trees are treated or removed.

At Green Expectations, we know this can be expensive and stressful, so we do everything we can to provide you with high quality tree maintenance or removal if needed, at a reasonable cost!  When we give you a quote on tree maintenance, we will also explain a unique monthly program to keep your trees maintained year round. 


The Most Common Raking Mistake (You're Probably Making It Now)

Probably the biggest mistake you are making is raking your own leaves. It's a backbreaking time consuming chore to rake, bag and dispose of all the leaves that accumulate in your yard. It's certsinly not fun and it really hurts afterwards! Then after two or three hours of hard work and if you don't get everything bagged right away, the wind comes up and blows everything back where it was.  Even worse, while you are taking your much needed break, children think they have to play "jump in the pile" ... the "pile" being the leaves you just spent raking into piles.  It's always a mess!

We know how many leaves accumulate in this area and are well equipped to deal with them. Our full-service Leaf Removal Service blows all of your leaves out to the street and sucks them up with a giant vacuum. We then mow and bag your lawn to make it leaf free.

Leaf removal is an important part of any lawn care program. With all the large trees in the Lincoln and Lancaster County area, it can also be a back-breaking chore. Some areas get curb-side pickup from their trash hauler, while others do not. This leaves the choice of hauling them to a dump or bagging them in those brown recyclable bags - which can be expensive and time consuming. And, it can easily ruin a couple of weekends for you, your spouse or your employees!

One more thing ... if you enjoy raking leaves (some people actually do), you can save a little money by raking them to the curb yourself and then give us a call. We'll come suck them up and dispose of them. No need to get your family SUV or company van dirty. 

Green Expectations also offers a group rate for curb-side leaf removal in areas throughout Lincoln. Talk to your  neighbors, then give us a call for a "Group" quote.



If you have tried and tried, but just can't get that stubborn stump to come out ... it's time to call Green Expectations!   

When a tree has to be removed or if you have a stump from one that was previously removed, we use a self-propelled, portable stump grinder with rubber tracks to protect your yard. We work with golf courses, cemeteries, swimming pool areas, apartment complexes and homeowner associations. 

We specialize in hard to reach areas. Our equipment will go through a 36" gate. We normally grind 6"-8" below the ground level, which is deep enough to sod or plant grass. The machine will also go as deep as 18" if the you plan to plant another tree or shrub in its place.


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